This version should again set a few problems, including some bug that's reported to me (A big thank you to those who discovered them).

To sum up, this version reframes somewhat delay the receipt of erasing that was becoming a little too just in case of heavy traffic on the strip. The tempo was reduced to 48 seconds instead of 49 previous versions. This second additional leave time for a more complete decoding.

It was also added to the possibility that the application starts the Macro window and summary QSO is opened automatically, you find the settings in the preferences AlarmeJT.

Another small innovation at ADIF export last QSO, especially useful, for example prepare a log sends, exported QSO can now be sent as checked QSL. This saves a lot of time. Again you have the option to select or not since preferences, ADIF tab.

The display messages with CQ DX CALL 'has been corrected. CAUTION However, it still appears a concern when double-clicking on the code (green) that causes a station in some error message. This problem is being studied.

With this release, the log opening directly causes the display of contacts, which was not the case so far.

Finally all the languages management system was taken over and new translations have been implemented, others corrected.

In this regard, I reiterate my request of goodwill for translating AlarmeJT in different languages, I research course of OM with language skills. English (for correction of mine to Google), and above all, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. The door is not closed to other languages course (there are so many). If you feel a translator of soul, thank you to contact me either by email or from SourceForge.

Thank you for your participation and good traffic