Description of the archive:

The archive MUST contain the following folders and files:

The executable file AlarmeJT, icons, one ico format and the other in svg format, the README and README and the files COPYING license. Insofar as you would wish AlarmeJT transmit to a third party, these files must be provided OBLIGATOIREMENT same time as the rest of the software.

The tree :

AlarmeJT/ :

Contains the executable, icon, COPYING, readme.txt, README.txt, changelog-EN.txt and changelog-FR.txt.

AlarmeJT/init/ :

Contains the following files:

  • AlarmeJT.ini: Initialization Text File program.
  • Cluster.jmh: temporary text file for viewing the cluster data.
  • decodeloc.jmh: text file as a key = value including an indicative list of received and their locator.
  • Haminfo.jmh: temporary XML file containing information received from These data relate primarily first name, last name, address and information of geographical location and QSL info.

AlarmeJT/Html/ :

Folder using AlarmeJT pages in HTML and img/ folder containing the images.

AlarmeJT/Lang/ :

Two subfolders FR for French and EN for English translation. Each subfolder contains only a single file, lang.jmh, the format is as key = value.

AlarmeJT/Sqlite/ :

Comprising two files, log.sqlite, data.sqlite.

AlarmeJT/Resources/ :

4 file containing files: countries, prefixes, StatesUS and FR-dept.

Import/ :

One file, This file is placed in your /usr/bin folder (See README.txt).