Q: The QSO window does not fill!

A: Make sure you have your callsign in upper case in the preference window.

Q: I do not get the information about the contact in Info Contact!

A: The information is obtained through the website of HamQTH.com OK2CQR, Petr, to get the information, you must first register on the site, once done, please visit the AlarmeJT settings and enter your code access in the 'General' tab under 'HamQTH'. ATTENTION, a has been implemented key system to the site to retrieve information, it is therefore possible that you have a lag of one to two minutes before the first information THIS IS NORMAL, the following will not lay it problem.

Q: How to enter QSO in the logbook?

A: When the QSO is complete, just click on the button LogIN. When the QSO is engaged, the designator of the caller is displayed on a red background in the decoding part in the ongoing QSO window, automatically displays the start time of the QSO, the date, the band postponed you'll send (RSTS) and possibly the locator in case it is you who call a station. In the rest of your QSO, will receive the report that you received (RSTR), possibly the locator. At the end of your QSO, if you send your correspondent 'X0XXX Y0YYY 73', end of QSO hour will inquire of himself. If not, or if you want to enter the end of contact time, click the button 'H Man' (for manual time). When the end time is displayed, the button 'LogIN' is available, click it. The other fields are automatically filled this applies to the indicative, the region, WAZ and ITU zones the country, DXCC etc ... You do not have to return to your log entry, everything is informed.

Q: I installed the library as shown libsqlite3.so but I still do not have access to the data base?

A: Your system may not be configured to run SQLite, please try this: Open the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t) and install sqlite with the command:

sudo apt-get install sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev

This should fix your problem