This window gives you access to the game directory 'free site . Information is given for guidance only and depend on the wisdom of each. The update is done at the same time as that of the window 'contact' which guarantee fast access to information. However, if OM is unknown services site, the indication 'Callsign not found' appears in the box reserved for the name of the person.


The various fields that appear in this window does not present particular problems for the understanding, however, a clarification will be given here to a few.


This is obviously QSL contact information, those left by the user. The first cell is supposed to inform on the fact that the contact is or not QSL. This field is optional but often refers to office by mail. Then come LoTW , the E-QSL and direct. A red indication means that the match that he does not use the service.

Licence :

L'année d'obtention du certificat. The year of obtaining the certificate.

Décal Horaire :

The time difference compared to UTC.

This window contains neither button nor menu.

Note: This information is for reference only by and are therefore to be taken as a guide. They are given by users of HamQTH service and requires registration to the address .