Version 0.6.0

- Erasure timer adjustment reception tables problematic during heavy traffic.
- Fixed display when receiving a message 'CQ DX CALL'.
- Added the ability in the preferences of the automatic opening of Macro windows and Summary of QSO.
- QSL sent box when exporting ADF last QSO.
- Changing the language management system.
- Display log from the opening of the callbook window
- Adding a check box on the main window to display only decoding type CQ and MyCall (green, gray and red).
- Fixed a bug on the entry in the log, some QSO are entered without information WAZ and ITU.
- Keyboards shortcuts changed:
    Ctrl + m  -> Macro
    Ctrl + i    -> Informations HamQTH
    Ctrl + k  -> Cluster HamQTH
    Ctrl + s  -> HamSpots
    Ctrl + h  -> Aide / Help
    Ctrl + l   -> Carte locator / Gridsquare map
- Statistics: fixed bug stats WAZ and ITU zones set column 0
- Macro: bug free text sending the name (TU first name 73) on the compounds names (Fixed)

Version 0.5.3

- Added the management message WSJT Gen-x for the password transmit side  AlarmeJT by double clicking on the corresponding code when it launches  CQ or QRZ a call?
- Changing the Language Management.
- Add the code to a display module of the language of the windows.
- Fixed minor bugs.

Version 0.5.2

- Version canceled

Version 0.5.1

- Fixed calculation of square locators on statistics.

Version 0.5.0

- Important update on the log database.
- Adding an export field (Boolean).
- Changing fields RST and QSL following error instead of SEND SENT.
- Changing the log menu: Export ADIF on last QSO or total.
- Export ADIF possible on the latest contacts only.
- Export ADIF the base completely.
- ADIF Import: corrections and brought into conformity.
- Import and Export ADIF compatible with CQRLog.
- Added an indication end import ADIF.
- Move files *.adi in a folder /adif.
- Establishment of an update tool of the log base.
- Changing a QSO window : added checkbox QSO Exported.
- Display Bug About window, no caption on the button and title.
- Deletion of the Dashboard window.
- Statistics directly accessible from the main menu of AlarmeJT.
- Cosmetics review of statistics windows.
- Add macro '<CALL> RRR 73' et TU <NAME> 73'.
- Add 14 macro free buttons.
- Add macro create.

Version 0.4.2

- correction bug in modification QSO window : reverse RSTS and RSTR. (thank's Guy ON4KLG).
- Gridsquares map : Add 'All Mode' button for select 'JT65 and JT9'.
- Traduction in English for Dashboard and About windows.
- Bug : ADIF import => Fixed (thank's Guy ON4KLG)
- Log : Adding fields QSL sent and received export ADIF
- Log : Getting reverse order of the log entries before exporting ADIF
- Settings : Added choice of QSL fields for export ADIF
- ADIF Import : establishment of an anti-duplication system for log
- Settings : Translation UK ( ADIF and windows opening )

Version 0.4.1

-Locator map : Adding the square display on mouseover.

Version 0.4.0

 -Statistics : Added results Locators worked / confirmed.
-Added A map showing the square locators contacted by mode and bands.
-Changes Language files for additions above. -Modification Inifile (idem above).
-Added A Form 'statistics' : number Of QSO, number of worked DXCC and confirmed, many worked Locator and confirmed by mode and bands.
-Number Of DXCC Country by band and mode.
-Removed The StatusBar QSO.
-cluster HAMQTH : adding a timer in 1 minutes refresh. [ R79 ]
-Fixed Bug 'failed to connect' on cluster. [ R79 ]
-Added A toggle button On / Off Timer cluster disengagement. [ R79 ]
-Fixed Memory leaks. [ R92 ]
-Optimisations : Creating unnecessary windows start in run time mode. [96]
-Updating the data base. [ R98 ]

Version 0.3.8

-Replacement ComboBox of the main window with a direct click on the call of the decoded station. Easier to use than the ComboBox. ( AlarmeJT.pas ) [ R67 ]
-Added hint on some components. [ R73 - r70 ]
-Retouche Code. [ r75 ]

Version 0.3.7

-Added of external file DXCC in text format (prefixes and contrade).
-All resources in DXCC list text files, French departments and US States.

Version 0.3.6

-Lock log for an automatic search on a new 'Contact'.
-Toggle Lock on and unlocking with indicator light (Red = unlocked ,green = Scan Lock ).

Version 0.3.5

-Added An emission control on main window.
-Fixed A bug on displaying the RST send. ( uQSO.pas )
-Fixed Display the end time of the QSO in the log. ( umofifqso.pas )
-Minor fixed bugs in the DXCC list.

Version 0.3.4

-Delete predecode function. ( ufonction.pas )
-Various Corrections.
-Corrections QSO values ​​and entries in the log. ( uQSO.pas and ulog.pas )
-Fixed Version number.

Version 0.3.3

-Remmoved DXCC grid of the Contact window. ( ucontact.pas )
-Added Managing UDP in the Preferences. ( upreference.pas )
-Removed Button 'Force' of the main window. ( ualamrejt.pas )
-Removed ProgressBar. ( ualamrejt.pas )
-Removed Of the seconds time and the On/Off button. ( ualamrejt.pas )
-Added A 'LED' for client UDP. ( ualamrejt.pas )

Version 0.3.2

-Added Feature to display Departement of it in the Contact window. ( ufonction.pas )
-Modification Display UDP different format after passing frequency. ( ufonction.pas )
-Removed Of file management (WSJT -X : status and decode.txt). ( ufonction.pas )
-Modification The display function of the Contact window. ( ucontact.pas )

Version 0.3.1

-Removed Lock on the nonexistent file program. ( AlarmeJT.lpr )
-Resumed UDP window. ( Uudp.pas )
-Décodage Datagrams and Status Decode.
-Improved Validation of the received area code. ( ufonction.pas )

Version 0.3.0

-Added Management UDP reception. Inserting and editing of G4JWS program. Special thank's to Bill :)

Version 0.2.4

-log : Search for information -> activation of modal Search button.

Version 0.2.3

-Fixed Decoding code . -Vérouillage On DecodeList limited to 10 (line 173 UAlarmeJT) in test.
-Position Review the Contact window that moved with the peeling.
-Fixed The context menu of log ' white entrance '.

Version 0.2.2

-Fixed The ' database name ' in broken ulog.pas access to logbook.
-Changes Minor in the language files. -Fixed Background colors of the contact window.

Version 0.2.1

-Fixed Help. -Fixed Minor code.
-Fixed Bug out of bounds (9) on decoding.

Version 0.2

-Added Changing QSO window in the log.
-Implementation of the search call function in the log.
-Implementation of the search call in the log since the decoding window ( ComboBox ).
-Displacement Files of AlarmeJT configurations (init file).
-Implementation of the Research contact information from
-Creating The Info window.
-Implementation of Cluster
-Creating The Cluster window.
-Implementation Of access to HamSpot.
-Creating The HamSpot window.
-Added Info management of the resort and login and password at HamQth in the Preferences section.

Version 0.1.6

-Modif Displaying messages received to address the contacted areas.
-Show New DXCC on the band and the current mode.
-Show New locators on the band and the current mode.
-Show Information QSL lotw and
-Show If QSL received (previous QSO on the band and current mode).
-Creating Help.
-Added Mini stats on the main window.

Version 0.1.5

-Added Logbook.
-Creating The SQLite database logbook.
-Codage Of import export ADIF.
-Added TabSheetLog in preferences for managing export ADIF fields.

Version 0.1.4

-Added color management tabsheet's
-Added the decoding interface in the Preferences section.
-codage of frequency management in the Preferences section.
-codage backup and restore window placement ( ini file).

Version 0.1.3

-Added Of the storage window location.
-Added A party preferences.
-Added The About window

Version 0.1.2

-Added an internal list of US states.
-Modification Display of received messages.

Version 0.1.1

-Remove DXCC database.
-Management Of internal DXCC program ( Regular Expressions ).

Version 0.1

-Creation of the decoding part.
-Creating The contact window.
-Added Database SQLite data and DXCC.