AlarmeJT is a program written in Pascal, developed with Lazarus IDE for Linux. It is designed for Linux Ubuntu, which is based on Debian. AlarmeJT is a plugin program for WSJT-X, a JT65 and JT9 modes decoding software designed by Joe Taylor K1JT, the only Linux software for this mode (Thanks to the WSJT team). AlarmeJT has its own logbook, fetches the information on the ongoing contact, manages unconfirmed DXCC alerts on the current band, the uncontacted grid square locators on the current band, as well as theFrench department, the Oblasts of countries using them (Russia, Ukraine ...) and the US States, still on current band.

AlarmeJT is based on the principle of JTAlert software Laurie VK3AMA but reserved for the use of amateur radio operating under Linux.

AlarmeJT has been developed with the software in Pascal Lazarus and requires no installation.

With a format database SQLite3 , providing the US states, French departments and information exchange QSL habits (LoTW and / or E-

> Characteristics

  • Display of received call.
  • Display and management of regions for the following countries:

French (départment).
USA (States).
Russia (Europe and Asia), Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine (Oblasts).
China, Bolivia, Azores, Uruguay, Argentina, Austria, Finland, Brasil, Canada, Australia, Indonésia (Regions).

  • Alert DXCC, DXCC new (unconfirmed) per band and mode.
  • Alert regions (see above) per band and mode.
  • QSL received indicative, per band and mode.
  • Alert gridsquare, large square uncontacted by mode and band.
  • Indication of the contact on band by call.
  • Search call received in the logbook.

> Logbook

  • Integrated logbook (SQLite3 database) with the possibility of modification and monitoring QSL sent / received.
  • Export QSOs in ADIF .
  • Import QSOs in ADIF .
  • Sorting mode, unsent QSL, QSL Not received.
  • Call research.

> Fields in the log:

  • Call of the station worked (automatic)
  • Date of QSO (automatic)
  • Time of QSO (automatic)
  • Time off QSO (semi-automatic transmission with manual time)
  • Band (automatic)
  • Frequency (automatic)
  • Mode (automatic)
  • Gridsquare (automatic)
  • RST sent (automatic)
  • RST received (automatic)
  • DXCC Number (automatic)
  • DXCC country (automatic)
  • Region (automatic if known otherwise '-')
  • Continent (automatic)
  • ITU zone (automatic exceptions)
  • CQ zone (automatic exceptions)

> Preference settings

  • Available languages: English and French
  • Ability to select the windows open automatically to launch AlarmeJT.
  • Color settings to display alerts (text and background)
  • Color settings display informative fields.
  • Selection of items for Export ADIF .
  • Selecting frequency of use.

> Connections to the outside

  • Optional access to the base (contact information), and free entry to .
  • Access to the cluster of (general cluster), free access.
  • Access to the cluster (VK3AMA), free access.

> Various

  • Integrated help.
  • Support for installation, use and bug's report on .

AlarmeJT is a Free Software released under the GNU / GPL license. The license is provided in the form of a text file 'COPYING' available at the root of your installation. For more information about licensing, please refer to the site

AlarmeJT, copyright 2015, is developed by F5JMH.