IMPORTANT NOTE: AlarmeJT theory is downloadable only from this SourceForge address . If you want to make available download from your website, I would be grateful if you let me know. You can, however, easily put a link to this site or to the SourceForge page mentioned. If you want to distribute the archive, please check that it has much ALL FILES, without exception. THANK YOU

AlarmeJT has no installation file, at least not yet, but installation is very simple sounds.

Get the archive from SourceForge , ubuntu 14.04 folder. In this folder you will find two files, a full (Full) and update (update).

Case 1: You never installed and want to discover the AlarmeJT (Thank you) -> take the Full version.

Case 2: You already know and want to upgrade your version (Thanks again) -> take the Update release.

Choose the latest (highest version number), and decompress it. You get a AlarmeJT folder. Copy this folder in your /home/YourFolder/. You can then either create a shortcut on your desktop, or incorporate it into the pitcher of your Gnome menu. Follow to get recommendations from your distribution.

There is nothing else to do ... usually ...

To launch the software after starting WSJT X-double-click the file or AlarmeJT your shortcut.

The main window should appear on the screen.

If you want special help, or in case of trouble, and other bug thank you to request the SourceForge .

Thank you for downloading AlarmeJT and please give me your feedback. Good use.