This new version should fix the problems encountered during the use of ADIF. AlarmeJT becomes compatible with CQRLog regarding the import and export ADIF. Many functions have improved summers, particularly in the statistical part that becomes accessible directly from the menu AlarmeJT. At this portion adds the results to the WAS and for areas (WAZ and ITU). A makeover of the windows were also made to make the results a little more pleasant.

The big news in version 0.5, which will of course return for the 32-bit version of AlarmeJT, is on the side of the UDP communication since the WSJT-X takeover becomes effective with the addition of some Macro taking into account the 'FreeText'. A new window appeared, this one has 14 free macro buttons and imposed two macros. The first for sending the code of the corresponding monitoring ment 'RRR 73', the second takes the first name (if known to HamQTH) and send 'TU 73'.

Many code alterations have taken place and some bugs have been fixed.


For users performing an upgrade from version 0.4 to 0.5, the logbook database must also be updated. To get a utility has been added to the Update archive. Please read the IMPORTANT UPDATE file located in the root of the archive before doing the update AlarmeJT.

Thank you