New version of AlarmeJT ...

Version 0.6 (64bit) is available on SourceForge. This version sees using the completely revised software. Now, a connection is made directly on the AlarmeJT sites (French and English). Furthermore, the timer erasure was adjusted to tables to no longer be a problem during high traffic, and a box ticked been added to display only the calls and the QSO course (this prevents the overflow of the display (Thanks to John W4JKL)). A correction was made to display correctly calls as "CQ DX CALL". From this version, it is now possible to control the automatic opening of windows and Macro Summary of QSO.

Export ADIF: The possibility has been added to automatically check shipments QSL when exporting the last QSO.

Logbook: He who now appears automatically when opening the log. Fixed a bug on the entry in the log, some QSOs are entered without the WAZ and ITU information.

Keyboard shortcuts : Following a problem in Unity discovered 9H1ZZ, the main menu has been redesigned and shortened changed keyboards. You can find them from Help -> Shortcut. (Thanks to Robin 9H1ZZ)

Bug fixes: Statistics: display bug stats WAZ and ITU column 0 secured areas. Macro: bug free text sending the name (first name TU 73) on compound names attached. (Thanks to John W4JKL)